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Latest News
DonationsAll Donations just for Visual and Mounts.
EpicRestriction area in Epic Boss x1 / Pc.
QuestAll quests have been reviewed and tested.
BuffBuff only Peace Zones 2/h. Special buff by BuffStore
SupportFacebook and Discord.
No WipeDatabase Backup every 2h.


Queen Ant
· Epic Queen Ant

Respawn: 20h +/- 1h.

Respawn 2nd week server live
Epic Antharas

Respawn: 7 days +/- 1h.

Respawn 2nd week server live
Epic Baium

Respawn: 5 days +/- 1h.

Respawn 2nd week server live.
· Epic Valakas

Respawn: 7 days +/- 1h.

Respawn 2nd week server live
Epic Beleth

Respawn: 8 days +/- 1h.

Normal Rotation
Special Tower Boss

Respawn: Instance 2/h.

Normal Rotation.


Every siege will be on Sundays at 8:00 p.m. CEST. In this way, no one will take more than one castle with Dual party.


.control : Character control panel
.away / .back : Away Mode (AFK)
.vote : Use it every 12 hours to claim Reward from Voting
.online : Shows how many players are online in game
.offline : Sets Offline Private Store
.repair : Repairing character located in same account
.password : Changing Password of your Account
.buffstore : Setup Offline Buffer Store.
.buffshield : Protects you from unwanted buffs
.siege : Full siege information
.clan : It Authorizes clan players to pick up items from the wareclan!
.dressme : Change your visual texture appearance of Armor/Weapon/Cloak!
.npcspawn : Spawn NPCs in ClanHalls!
.party [Message] : Find Party System
.report : Target a player you think is botting, and punish him!
.ach / .achievements : Open achievement menu
.partylist : You can see the active partys at that moment!
.7rb : You can see What Raid are killed!


.engage : Offer marries to target
.divorce : Break relationship and become free
.gotolove : Teleport to your wife or husband
/clanpenalty : Broadcast info about time of clan penalty
/attacklist : Broadcast info about clans you've declared war on
/underattacklist : Broadcast list info about clans that have declared war on you
/warlist : Broadcast info about the declared war
/instancezone : Broadcast info about instance zone time reused
/olympiadstat : Broadcast info about current Grand Olympiad stat (can used on target)
/mybirthday : Broadcast info about your birth day
/unstuck : Teleport your to nearest town
/channelcreate : Create command channel
/channeldelete : Delete command channel
/channelinvite : Invite player command channel (Syntaxes /channelinvite Name)
/channelkick : Kick player from command channel (Syntaxes /channelkick Name)
/channelleave : Leave command channel
/channelinfo : Info about command channel

Retail Features

General Rates

Retail options Lineage 2 Server

GamePlay Configuration

Easy up in our server x10*2.

Basic Features

Most easy configuration Hi5.

Olys - Instances

Adapted access for enter Boss.